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Preparing music education for the modern web

Simple to Use

Focusing on music means not trying to be all things to all learners. Music has a special language and special needs. NextMusik is the first music-focused LMS (learning management system).

Learn Anywhere

Want to be free to learn on your own terms and time? We don't tie you to a single device or platform. We use the power of the open-web and it's ever-evolving features to bring the best experience possible to your device.

Learns with You

Through honest assessment of our progress - we become better. NextMusik is not a singular idea of the "right way" to learn, but rather a collection of evolving activities based on outcomes and feedback. Think open (vs closed) mindset.

Collaborative Curriculum Development

Creating quality content is hard. Getting multiple parties involved is harder. NextMusik features a collaborative workflow 'back-end' to usher dispersed content creators through a continuous cycle of creation, testing and feedback.

Empowering Teachers to build their own activities

A music - focused system that is building upon music-centric features.

Learning music is about to take a step forward.

NextMusik's step-based activities make it easy to add to, swap and change activity content without disruption. This all happens in real-time for the student thanks to that little old internet thingie.

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“When a system is easy to use - it gets used”.